Prime Sales Inc.

Distributors of Fruits & Vegetables

Cold Storage

USDA GAP/GHP Certified

clean and efficient loading/unloading

As a broker we are able to find the freshest, high quality produce available and use our relationships to get the best price possible. Then consolidate in our certified facilities and ship to you! We strive to make your buying experience as worry free as possible!


Our services

Chili Pepper Repack

Cool Arrow brand Chili Peppers.

If its Cool-Arrow is quality!

Produce Distributor

Get our quote sheet for prices on the freshest fruits and vegetables available.

One of our specialties is chili peppers. We provide a chili pepper special pack, which consists of repackaging the highest quality chili peppers into a "special pack" for chain stores and customers looking for only the best chilis!


Pick up and consolidate your purchases from outside vendors.  In-house inspections and any anything else you may need. 

Workin for ya!

Established in 1988 in Nogales AZ, Prime Sales Inc. is a family owned busines dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest produce and best service possible.